Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[Rough trans] Yonghwa's questions to Shinhye by saturnkr

Q1: It's 10th anniversary since you debuted. I want to hear your feeling of being a 'senior actress'.
A: Ah, Yonghwa you said... Am I a senior actress? I've done it for 10 years, but I'm still at my 20s. (laugh)
Hearing it from Yonghwa, I can feel I really have 10 years career. I don't know well, whether I am 30 or 24.
At the filming location, suddenly I realize that I am accustomed to the camera angles from all directions. I find myself I have learned acting by myself. In such moment, I feel "Ah I've done my acting job long."

Q2: You started as a singer trainee, don't you have any plan of releasing album? (laugh)
A: Ah, Jung Yonghwa ssi, will you give me songs? Can you be my producer? (laugh)

Q3: I heard you will perform Asian tour. Are you ready to play well shouting 'Sori Jileo!(=Make some noise)' to the audience?
A: What a wonderful question only Yonghwa can ask! But Yonghwa-ya, I've ever played like that already! (laugh)
When we filmed YAB, we used to say that it would be great if we could hold 'YAB 4 people concert'.
But each of us became so busy, it just remained as a dream. But I expect in 10 years, we gather again as a real 'YAB concert'.


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