Wednesday, 7 November 2012

[Translation] CNBLUE★Mobile Q’n'A 11.05.2012

Q: Is there a thing that you certainly have inside the refrigerator?
JungShin: Kimchi
JongHyun: Water
YongHwa: Drinks
MinHyuk: Milk, Juice

Q: Please tell us what was the most fun|enjoyable event when you had your knight-errantry in Japan (武者修業- “learning to perfect one’s skill”)
JungShin: Tried to think of it now at that time everything was new then and was interesting. Though those days were tough but I was happy. Of course, still now I’m happy.
JongHyun: It was always fun.
YongHwa: There were hard times but to think of it now everyday was fun, various memories remains. 
MinHyuk: Living a life together in a lodge

Q: Recent dreams you had that leaves a mark in your heart|mind?
JungShin: For the first time , I saw a dragon.
JongHyun: I was flying in my dreams
YongHwa: I forgot what as the content, but it was a scary dream
MinHyuk: Can’t remember…。

Q: This I want other member to fix|change, what is it?
JungShin: Nothing. I want to stay like the way as it is right now.
JongHyun: None
YongHwa: It would be great if the likes and dislikes in food will be off. Especially Jonghyun!
MinHyuk: As it is.

Translation by BOICE cnbluefanfun
Credit : cnbluestorm

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