Saturday, 11 May 2013

[Rough Trans|Video|1080p] CNBLUE Beauty Talk + Blind Love Performance at Music Japan

[Rough Trans|Video|1080p] CNBLUE Beauty Talk + Blind Love Performance at Music Japan
Silk: Pull your ears 45 degrees upwards.(10sec)
Turn your face pink.
(Boys pull MinHyuk’s ears)
Perfume: MinHyuk-san did your face get hot?
MinHyuk: Now I’m hot. Hot hot..yes.
Silk: Try 30sec×3times.
Silk: These days not only ladies but also guys has interest in beauty..
Perfume: Seems CNBLUE san are confused (laugh)
Silk: I’m a comedian and also beauty adviser.
CNBLUE: ahh~
JongHyun: I got it I got it.
[Exercise for remove the circles under eyes]
Silk: Put your finger at outer corner of eyes and move your eyeball, left, right, up and down.
It is good to recover eye sight.
Perfume: Let’s try it together. left, right, up and down, left, right, up and down..
Silk: Repeat about 10 times.
[Exercise for nasolabial fold]
(Boys ponting JungShin and laughing)
Perfume: Someone worry about it? JungShin san?
Silk: Open your mouth like a picture “Scream” of Munch.
Put your lips inside of mouth.
And put your finger at corner of eyes at the same time.
[Exercise for make good lips]
Silk: Exercise to keep good KISSABLE lips.
Perfume: It’s important, isn’t it?
Seto(D☆DATE): Still important (undertone).
Silk: It’s easy. Put the pencil into your mouth and move front and back.
Silk: And for remove lips wrinkle,turn the pencil horizontally and rolling.
Perfume: YongHwa san good!
DDATE:(to YH) and fast!
Silk: Maybe who can make it well, he is used to kiss.
Perfume: Does anyone has a question about beauty to Silk san?
JongHyun: I think it’s too late though,..(smiling) we cannot understand because you speak is too fast. (lol)
video credits 
translation credits @ketchburning

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