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[News] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa & Park Shinhye Spend a Day with Heartstrings Fans

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CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa and actress Park Shinhye co-hosted their special fan meet in Japan just a few days after the premiere broadcast of their drama, ‘Heartstrings‘, on Japan’s Fuji TV on July 9.

The rebroadcast of the drama, newly airing on Fuji TV, reignited Jung Yonghwa’s popularity in Japan. ‘Heartstrings’ originally aired in Korea from June to August of last year and revolved around the lives of college students, ‘Lee Shin’ played by Jung and ‘Lee Kyu Won’, portrayed by Park, both with dreams of becoming musicians. In addition, Jung Yonghwa’s self-composed track for the drama, ‘Because I Miss You’ earned wide-spread love and attention from viewers since its airing last year.
The fan meeting was held at the Tokyo International Forum on July 16th, and was split into two sessions which took place in one day. Both sessions, each accommodating 5000 seats, sold out shortly before the date of the event. Fans were excited to see Jung & Park together again after such a long time and through numerous fan accounts of the reunion, remarked on the two actors’ apparently close friendship and how Yonghwa seemed to transform back into his character ‘Lee Shin’ right before their eyes during the special fan meeting.
Fans were treated to a special video reel, behind-the-scenes footage of ‘Heartstrings‘, along with talk segments featuring the two leads with interviews and other activities as well as a special performance prepared especially for fans to better get to know their favorite actors. During the earlier session of the fan meeting, fans report that Jung performed a guitar instrumental of ‘Father & Son‘, ‘Because, I Miss You’, and finally, Yonghwa & Shinhye sang ‘You’ve Fallen for Me’ as a duet.
This first ever fan meeting for the hit drama ‘Heartstrings’ also known as ‘You’ve Fallen For Me’ proved to be a successful event promoting the show’s newly minted run on Japan’s Fuji TV. It also proved to be a great avenue for fans to interact with their favorite celebrities, Jung Yonghwa & Park Shinhye up close and personal.

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