Wednesday, 11 July 2012

[Scan|Trans] CNBLUE Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary #25 – “演技” (ACTING)

YongHwa “Discovery”
A play is something that makes me discover another Jung YongHwa in me.
JongHyun “A New World”
Speaking about play, script. In script, there is a new world and a new me. I think, to be able to live in that new world is really fascinating.
JungShin “To wear the character’s clothes”
I think, acting is wearing another character’s (not yourself) clothes while naked.
MinHyuk “Experience”
Each time, while appearing in dramas,I can have new experiences. Just like standing on the stage in live concerts as CNBLUE, the moment of acting is also new in every time. The reaction when playing a musical instrument is also different in every time. Just like that, while acting, every time performing a different role is also, very fascinating, I think.
Scan Credits: @mi_malice
Translated by: depps1004@tumblr
Posted by: AJ@cnbluestorm

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