Wednesday, 11 July 2012

[Twitter|Trans] Olive TV | Four Men In A Restaurant

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Olive TV Twitter:  깜짝 퀴즈! 지금 어느 패밀리레스토랑에 사이좋게 앉아있는 네 남자의 뒷모습! 이들은 누구일까요? 이들은 한류스타라는 힌트를 살짝 ^^
Translation: Sudden quiz! Now four men sitting along at a family restaurant! Who are those guys? Hint: They are hallyu star^^
Olive TV Twitter: 짜잔! 깜짝 퀴즈의 정답을 공개합니다! 일일바텐더에 도전한 민혁! CNBLUE의 칵테일쇼는 7/28(토) 밤11시 올’리브에서 방영됩니다! 커밍쑨!
Translation: Tada! We reveal the correct answer to the sudden quiz! One day bartender challenged MinHyuk! CNBLUE cocktail show will broadcast live on July 28th 11 PM! Coming soon!
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