Friday, 17 August 2012

Heartstrings Commentary DVD

Heartstrings Japan DVD Commentary Disc - with Yonghwa, Shinhye and MinHyuk

[Rough Tans] Heartstrings Commentary DVD - 1 

About the accident..

YH: This is CNBLUE's song

SH: ya! once of my favorite in their first album. We inject garlic together that day~(the day fliming that scene)

YH: right right right

SH: we burn the midnight oil for filming in that period, so we go to inject for maintaining nutrition. it's really lucky we can finish our works and leave early that day, but I had a car accident.

YH: Yes! is that day! inject garlic together..and said we get the power now then leave each other. I had to continue another work and she went back home and had the accident....can end up our work early should be happy...however happen that thing...

MH: really shock when i saw this news with hoong..

YH: then...she went back to the filming spot with fixer amazing me in fact~

SH: this two guys came to hospital and visited me the day after the accident. i am really happy.

MH: really worried.


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