Tuesday, 28 August 2012

[Video|Trans] CNBLUE on MBC’s Section TV (120826)

Reporter: Not only acting, not only singing, but also good looking, these four guys have all, CNBLUE.
Yonghwa: Hi Section TV viewers, we are CNBLUE.

Narration: Not long ago, CNBLUE filmed CF together as campus perfect guys.

Reporter: You guys watched each other’s acting. Who was most awkward?
Yonghwa: Jonghyun had a scene of winking his eyes. You wink one eye only, but he did both eyes.
[Confirm right away]

Reporter: One two three!
[He closes both eyes]

Narration: Jonghyun can’t wink, but he is still really attractive.
[Wink is difficult]

Reporter: Frankly speaking, Who changes his attitute most in front of fans?
(Jungshin, Minhyuk: ‘Yonghwa hyung’)

Jungshin: Yonghwa hyung tries to hold us bent in his hands when he is with us.
Reporter: hold you bent in his hands?
[Sweet to fans, but absolute charisma to members]
[Read his face]

Jungshin: If I said it, I think my words flow to bad direction

Jonghyun: You’re already too late.

Reporter: I can tell you are frightened.
[Frightened Jungshin]
[I'll see you]

Minhyuk: Yonghwa hyung manages fans well, cunningly…
[Minhyuk can't continue to talk because of fear]

Reporter: Yonghwa ssi, your pen looks especially sharp.

Yonghwa: It has good function

Reporter: Dart function!
[Yonghwa is frightening]

Reporter: Who has the worst sleeping habit. Because of him…
(All laugh – wrote on their Galaxy Note)

Reporter: The suspect is here. You can’t sleep because of him?
Minhyuk: ‘Jungshin ah’

Yonghwa: ‘Jungshin ssi’

Jonghyun: Jungshin….

Jungshin: ?

Reporter: Jungshin ssi, you have a lot of problem.

Yonghwa: Suddenly he regrets…

Reporter: while sleeping?

Yonghwa: “Awww I am!” he speaks such words of regret

Jonghyun: When I sleep with him, he becomes my talking partner, he answers my words well.

Narration: Beginning from Yonghwa, all CNBLUE members spreaded their activity zone to actors.
Jonghyun was praised with his stable acting, Minhyuk is showing a good sister-brother relationship with Kim Nam Joo.

Reporter: How do you feel about Kim Nam Joo? Aren’t you afraid of her or Wasn’t she different from first impression?

Minhyuk: Not at all. She always help me to practice script reading with her.
[Kim Nam Joo takes good care of Minhyuk]

Reporter: What image did you have about her before you met her?

Minhyuk: Actually, I had feeling of being afraid of her.

Reporter: I will hear till this. We will use your this word only at the show.

Yonghwa: “Kang Minhyuk, I’m afraid of Kim Nam Joo”
[Section TV exclusive! Kang Minhyuk, afraid of Kim Nam Joo]

Reporter: Actually, Yonghwa you are the ancestor of acting in CNBLUE. You are not doing acting now?
Yonghwa: No.

Reporter: Don’t you feel like doing any drama?

Yonghwa: First, we release new album within this year.
[Currently he focuses on new album work]

Yonghwa: After I finish composing and other music jobs, I want to do acting. I am making good music. Everyone, please love our album a lot.

Reporter: How about ending this interview speaking out words which is popular to CNBLUE, or was popular before?

Yonghwa: Aigoo my tummy~
Reporter: It was CNBLUE. Thank you.

Credit|Video: akfnzhyjs1 on YouTube
Credit|Translation: @saturnkr

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