Monday, 17 September 2012

[Info] FNC Mailing Address-Send your love and concern to CNBLUE

This information is shared by Chiara@codenameblue.wordpress:
“Since the boys birthdays are coming up real soon, I’m sure some of you want to send them birthday gift. In case you don’t know the mailing address, I’ve emailed F&C regarding this matter and they say that I can send the gift to F&C Music. So this is the address. When you send it, please write both address in hangul and romans to avoid the delivery failure. And one last thing, write the recipient name, for example: CNBLUE (Lee Jong Hyun).”
F&C Music
서울시 영등포구 당산동 3가 370번지 인영빌딩 4층 150-803
F&C Music
F4, Inyoung Building 4th floor, #370, Dangsandong3-Ga, Youngdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, 150-803 KOREA.
Many thanks to Chiara@wordpress
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