Sunday, 30 September 2012

[Info|Trans] Official notice for CNBLUE’s upcoming Japan Tour


  • Tickets sold at Fan Club (Boice Japan) advance sale are original tickets (CNBLUE photo is printed on). Public sale tickets are of ticket agency’s normal design. 
  • In any event, resale for others is not allowed. 
  • In any event, we don’t reissue tickets. 
  • When tickets are heavily damaged and the description cannot be read, or when the description is changed, we may refuse admission. 
  • Please be careful not to lose or forget to bring the tickets. 
  • We are not going to confirm the audience’s identity. Identification cards or membership cards are not required. 
  • Please check out the concert date and seat number described on the tickets beforehand.

[In and around venues] 

  • You cannot re-enter the venues. 
  • Preschool age kids cannot enter. 
  • As there are other shops around venues, please refrain from being a nuisance. When people don’t follow staff’s instruction or we determine that we cannot ensure the security, we may cancel concerts. Please understand and cooperate. 
  • Any sound or visual recording is not allowed, including recording by cell phone. When we find such act, we may confiscate the equipment and require the person to leave the venue. 
  • Usage of boards, fans or sketchbooks are not allowed as it becomes a nuisance to audience on back seats. Bringing them into the venue is not allowed, too. 
  • Big luggage may become a nuisance to others, so it’d be appreciated if you make it compact beforehand. 
  • If you are using wheelchair, please contact us. Contact information is described on the tickets. 


  • Present Box is NOT going to be placed in/out of the venues. We CANNOT receive fan letters or presents at venues. Also, we cannot accept flowers for lobby or back stage. 
  • A donation box will be placed in the venues. Funds received in the donation box will go to charity for east Japan great earthquakes. Thank you for your donation. 
  • Waiting for members at airport or other public facilities or chasing them are not allowed as it may become a nuisance to other passengers/users. 
  • We don’t take any responsibility for troubles or injuries happening during such action. 
  • When you have a question about the concert, please contact and ask us ( beforehand. Please don’t judge by yourself. 

(inquiry about concert: / inquiry about ticket:

We hope CNBLUE’s first Arena tour will be a great success at all the venues without any trouble. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Translated by: BOICE @tamagocnbjnl

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