Sunday, 23 September 2012

CNBLUE Rock the Stage @ ‘CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON’ Concert


CNBLUE officially reached another career milestone with the completion of their first European concert ‘CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON‘.
A band that may still be considered ‘rookie’ by most because they only debuted on the Korean music scene less than three years ago, CNBLUE can now cross performing an entire solo concert in Europe off their ‘to do list’. On Saturday, September 22nd 2012 at 7pm, CNBLUE commenced their much anticipated first concert ‘CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON‘ to a sold out, packed house of 3,000 enthusiastic fans. The quartet performed an exciting two hour show featuring a colorful set-list that included all of their hit singles for a total of twenty one songs, one of which was a short cover of a song by legendary rock band, Oasis’ ‘Supersonic’.

Official Set List:

0. Intro
1. 직감 [Intuition]
2. Have a good night
3. Wake up
4. Love Girl
5. Love Revolution [Eng]
6. 그래요 Yes/kimio [Kor]
7. Y, why…[Kor]
8. 사랑은 비를 타고 Love Rides the Rain/Eclipse [Kor]
9. 아직 사랑한다 [Still in Love] (Cover) Oasis-Supersonic
10. Just Please [Kor]
11. One Time
12. Tattoo
13. Hey you
14. Let’s go crazy
15. Now or Never [Eng]
16. Where you are [Eng]
17. In my head [Kor] Encore
18. 외톨이야 [I’m a Loner]
19. Love 넌 내게 반했어 [You’ve Fallen for me]
20. 고마워요 Thank You [Kor]
credits: @kite612

The lucky fans in attendance were in for a treat as the CNBLUE boys communicated with the crowd in English throughout the night and even provided much entertainment with fan service and interaction with each other. The most outspoken of the group, Lee Jungshin and Jung Yonghwa stood out as the most talkative during downtime between songs taking time to interact with the audience. By the end of the night, the stage was full of gifts and concert bracelets thrown up there from fans. Yonghwa took the time to pick up some of the presents and even slipped on all the bracelets he could find to the delight of fans.

CNBLUE rocked the stage of their history making concert and seemingly had a blast of a good time while doing it. After its completion, the boys tweeted a message saying, “Hello this is CNBLUE! We have finished the London concert. Indeed it was fun. We were really happy!!! Next time we must come again! It was a fun night! Have a good night!” It was a night that will be remembered by CNBLUE and fans alike.

Exclusive CNBStorm 
Photo Credits: Davina S. (Kimi @ Parasite Scene |TaeYoon @ Blue Impact) 
Written & Posted by: Mari @ cnbluestorm

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