Friday, 5 October 2012

[News|Trans] TVXQ named CNBLUE and FTISLAND as their impressive juniors

Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/TVXQ) named CNBLUE and FTISLAND as their impressive juniors.
In a recent interview with reporters, TVXQ was asked to name the juniors in the industry that impressed them most.
U-Know Yunho replied,“Our juniors are all good. Their skills and performance on stage are all outstanding. Like in our company (SM Entertainment) we have SHINee, EXO K and EXO M that we can proudly talk about. Nowadays, other than strong basic skills, the most important thing is also individuality. It’s hard to survive with just basic skills.  And I’m the living proof of that (laughs). But you should never inflict on others if you don’t know your own color. So the most important thing is having your own color.”
TVXQ’s juniors or rookie groups often overlap with each other’s styles. However, according to U-Know Yunho there are two groups who belong to the same agency yet they have different styles, and the groups are CNBLUE and FTISLAND.
U-Know Yunho added, “CNBLUE and FTISLAND are friends that we know from the music industry and as you know, from KyuLine (a private celebrity group which includes CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun, TVXQ Changmin, Super Junior Kyuhyun and SHINee Minho). Haha. This is just a joke, but those two groups are friends that are hard to see as they are doing lots of performance while writing their own songs,” said Yunho full of praise.
Meanwhile, during the interview U-Know Yunho also informed the press, “Next year it will be our 10th year debut anniversary and we are discussing on having a small scale event like Chungchoon Concert.” He added, “Fans would be able to ask questions and chat with us,”explained Yunho.
Source: TheStar
Translated by: fizzy+D @ cnbluestorm

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