Saturday, 27 October 2012

[Trans] CNBLUE★Mobile Q’n'A

Q: How do you overcome when there’s something painful or sad things?
JungShin: I’ll make an effort to settle it as soon as possible, then sleep.
JongHyun: Sleep.
YongHwa: Listen to music, or sleep.
MinHyuk: Listen to music.
Q: Do you have anything you want to challenge that you have not done so far?
JungShin: I want to do things I can.
JongHyun: I’m in the mid of challenging.
YongHwa: I want to do it more better what I’m doing right now.
MinHyuk: I want to learn different kinds of sports and musical instruments.
Q: In which group you belong, one who’s favorite food eat it first? or one who’s favorite food eat it last?
JungShin: One who eat it first
JongHyun: First
YongHwa: Eats at the same time.
MinHyuk: when I was a kid I ate it lastly but now, I eat it first.
Q: What you are thinking before going to sleep?
JungShin: Things I need to do tomorrow, family.
JongHyun: About composition. Because it goes well when I think of it before sleeping.
YongHwa: Will sleep early…
MinHyuk: Put things in order all that happened today, and prepare mind for tomorrow.
Q: When was the recent you most shed tears ?
JungShin: Now, when I yawn, tears comes out.
JongHyun: I will not cry.
YongHwa: None
MinHyuk: The time when I practice my crying scene.
Q: When stress accumulates, how you blow it off?
JungShin: Either, eat delicious food or sleep.
JongHyun: I’ll strive to forget.
YongHwa: Listen to music.
MinHyuk: I try to forget. Sometimes, when I do things I like it relieves stress.
Q: What are the things you treasured or give importance?
JungShin: A lucky charm I received from my grandmother, and a four-leaf clover my mom gave me.
JongHyun: Guitar
YongHwa: A machinery|materials use for musical composition
MinHyuk: Friends
Q: For a girl’s hairstyle, which do you prefer long hair or short hair?
JungShin: Long hair
JongHyun: If it fits (her) well then it’s good.
YongHwa: Long hair
MinHyuk: A hairstyle that will look good for that person
Translation by BOICE cnbluefanfun (1)(2)

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