Tuesday, 2 October 2012

[Article] CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun Says Jung Yong Hwa is Lonely These Days

CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun talked about how leader Jung Yong Hwa is bored these days.

On the September 26 broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star, Lee Jong Hyun appeared and talked about his members.

He said, "I worry about my members, because they should go out and meet people to know what the world is like, but they mostly stay at home."

His statement followed SHINee Taemin′s wish, "I hope [the other members] will return home earlier. They come home at 3 a.m. and I don′t know what they′re up to. I feel lonely when I′m home alone."

The members who stay at home have to wait on their other members, who are busy with their individual activities.

Lee Jong Hyun said, "These days the other members are active individually, and [Jung Yong Hwa] hyung is resting. It was always the other way around, so now he says it feels weird."

Jung Yong Hwa was the one who helped CN Blue become as popular as it is now in its early stages with his drama and variety appearances.

A text message Lee Jong Hyun said Jung Yong Hwa sent him especially made everyone feel sad. ′I′m a loner, I′m a loner′, his text message said. I′m a Loner is the title of CN Blue′s hit single.

SBS A Gentleman′s Dignity′s Kim Jung Nan and SHINee′s Onew and Taemin also appeared this day to talk.

Photo credit: MBC

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