Thursday, 7 February 2013

*updated* [Info] CNBLUE February 2013 Schedule by cnbluestorm

feb schedule
02.01  [Magazine] Mini (March issue)
02.01  [Broadcast] KBS 「Music Bank」 6:10PM KST
02.02  [Broadcast] MBC 「Music Core」 4:00PM KST
02.02   [Event] CNBLUE 4th Mini Album [Re: BLUE] Fansigning at Young Poong Books Gimpo Airport 7:00PM KST
02.03 [Broadcast] SBS「Inkigayo」 3:35PM KST
02.04 [Magazine] PATiPATi (March issue)
02.04 [Radio] SBS Radio Power FM 「Kim ChangRyul’s Old School」 4:00PM KST(Yonghwa,Jonghyun,Minhyuk)
02.05 [Recording] MBC  「Beautiful Concert」7.40PM KST
02.05 [Radio] SBS Radio Power FM 「Boom’s Young Street」 8:00PM KST (Yonghwa,Jonghyun,Minhyuk)
02.05 [Radio] KBS Radio Cool FM 「Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio」 10:00PM KST (Yonghwa,Jonghyun,Minhyuk)
02.06  [Broadcast] MBC Music「Show Champion」 6:00PM KST
02.06 [Recording] KBS 「Moonlight Prince」(Yonghwa)
02.06 [Radio] SBS Radio Power FM 「Park Sohyun’sLove Game」 6:00PM KST (Jonghyun,Minhyuk)
02.06 [Radio] MBC Radio Pyojun FM 「Shindong’s ShimShimTaPa」 23:59PM KST (Jonghyun,Minhyuk,Jungshin)
02.07 [Recording] KBS 「A Family’s Dignity – FULL HOUSE」(Jonghyun)
02.07 [Radio] SBS Radio Power FM 「Choi Hwajung’s Power Time」 12.00PM KST (Yonghwa,Jonghyun,Minhyuk)
02.07 [Radio] KBS Radio Cool FM 「Hong Jinkyung’s 2PM」 2.00PM KST (Yonghwa,Jonghyun,Minhyuk)
02.08   [Event] CNBLUE 4th Mini Album [Re: BLUE] Fansigning at Evan Records, Event Court 8:00PM KST
02.08 [Broadcast] KBS 「Music Bank」 6.10PM KST (Recording at 3:00 PM)
02.09   [Event] CNBLUE 4th Mini Album [Re: BLUE] Fansigning at Jade Hall, U-PLEX Level 12, Sincheon Hyundai Mall 8:00PM KST
02.09 [Broadcast] MBC 「Music Core」 4.00PM KST 
02.10 [Magazine] ARENA37℃ (March issue)
02.10 [Broadcast] SBS「Inkigayo」 3:35PM KST
02.11  [Broadcast] MBC「Idol Star Athletics Championship – Archery」 5:00PM KST(Jonghyun,Jungshin)
02.11  [Broadcast] tvN Talk Show「TAXI」 11:59PM KST
02.12  [Broadcast] MBC 「Blind Test Show 180°」 8:50PM KST (Jonghyun)
02.13  [Event] The 2nd Gaon Chart Kpop Awards  7:00PM KST 
02.17  [Broadcast] KBS 「Open Concert」 6:00PM KST 
02.22 [Magazine] Myojo (April issue)
02.23[Magazine] Spur (April issue)
02.23 [Magazine] MAQUIA (April issue)
02.24  [Broadcast] MBC 「Beautiful Concert」 12:50PM KST

༺Drama Broadcast Schedule༻

A Gentleman’s Dignity (JongHyun)

MnetTV Japan:
  • Rebroadcast: Starts from 23rd January, Monday to Friday 12:00 AM Japan ST
ABS-CBN Philippines:
  • New Episode: Monday to Friday  4:15PM Philippines ST
Videoland Taiwan:
  • New Episode: Monday to Friday 11:00PM Taiwan ST.
  • Rebroadcast: Monday to Friday 06:00,11:00,14:00,22:00 Taiwan ST
Channel U Singapore:
  • New Episode: Starts from 7th January Monday to Friday 10:00 PM Singapore ST
Workpoint TV Thailand
  • New Episode: Starts from 7th January, Monday and Tuesday 8:20 PM Thailand ST 

My Daughter Seoyoung (Jungshin)

KBS 2TV Korea:
  • New Episode: Saturday and Sunday 7:55 PM KST
KBS World:
  • New Episode: Saturday and Sunday 6:50 PM HongKong ST
  • Rebroadcast: Friday 3:10 PM HKST

It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (MinHyuk)

DATV Japan:
  • New Episode: Sunday 9:00PM Japan ST.
  • Rebroadcast: Monday 9:00 PM JST and Thursday 6:00PM Japan ST
Source: MnetTV VideoLand ABS-CBN DATV Channel U
Compiled by: AJ+fizzy+Camille @ cnbluestorm

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