Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jung YongHwa transforms to beastly idol? His hidden charm as Genuine Man is revealed!

Source: Newsen
Repost From : @cnbluestorm

Jung YongHwa turned into beastly idol.
On June 5, Jung Yong Hwa updated on the official CN Blue Twitter, tweeting, “Everyone, after the fan meeting I’ve been exercising hard! It’s been a long time since I shared my photo.. See you this week! I’m so excited..Everyone, please give a lot of love and support for Juniel. Hwaiting! See you soon!

In the posted photo, Jung Yong Hwa showed off his new charm of beastly idol which was hidden. He flaunted off his well-defined and veiny arm and shoulder muscles while he emitted his charm of pretty and flower boy look.
The netizen wowed and were amazed as a response of his photo, “Jung Yonghwa turned into beastly idol?” , “In 2011 he was tirelessly on diet and now he will  become the best of firm and built body?” “His bulky body which doesn’t match to his smooth looks and soft voice”, “look at his veiny arm muscle”, “He is awesome”.
Meanwhile CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun and Kang Min Hyuk star in ‘A gentleman’s dignity’ on SBS and in ‘My husband got a family’ on KBS and gain a lot of love from viewers. Three members of CNBLUE including Jung Yong Hwa have acting experience and sweep the popularity in Asia including Japan.

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