Friday, 8 June 2012

[Photos|Trans] YongHwa in Celeb Pub

Jung Yong Hwa is a leader of four members’ male band, CNBLUE
No 1 on the survey that he is expected to be most successful idol member when he debuts as a solo.
No 1 for naturally born handsome man recognized by specialist doctors.
Jung Yong Hwa is entitled to the above all.
Although he grabbed no 1 spot in music shows in Korea and has established his popularity somehow in Japan, he is always humble without change same as when he debuted. I smile him when he deals with people around him friendly and comfortably. That is the reason I like him regardless his popularity.
“I have been focusing on work-out and on producing music during my break.”
It’s been a month since I saw him and he became a muscular man. His tanned skin made him sexier.
“I have been working on producing music after ended Ear Fun promotion activity. In particular our regular album is scheduled to release in Korea on October this year. I’m the type of person who composes music in advance so that I’m really working hard on producing music. Ah, I’m working on producing music for Japanese album as well. Although I already wrote music a lot, I should choose good songs among them. That is the hardest part. Hahaha.”
CNBLUE made major debut in Japan, “We will do our own music regardless popularity”
As they already swept Korean music charts, they set about to full scale activity in Japan now.
“We are doing our music activity in Japan as if we take a step forward. Popularity? Our members including me feel like we are having less desire for popularity. Instead of seeking for popularity, I hope I can establish our musical achievement solely.
Far from being tired of consistent Japanese activity, he is happy and joyful, instead. In particular, what he is interested in at the most is food in Japan. His taste really fits to Japanese food. Sometimes he misses Kimchi but he is happy and glad with Japanese food.
“Busan Man” Jung Yong Hwa’s secret and private story
Who is good-looking guy Jung Yong Hwa’s ideal woman? 
“I don’t have specific deal girl. I don’t seek both her background (of family or education) and her look. I like a girl whom I feel something special. So far I didn’t meet that kind of woman. I’m not telling you hypocritically. I’m really looking for a girl whom I feel comfortable with.”(laugh)
I questioned Jung Yong hwa about what is his dream.
“My personality is very positive and determined to achieve the goal whatever I set. My one and only goal is not to lose my intention in beginning and steadily to continue to work on music. Gradually I’m fascinated by the accomplishments that I achieve musically. In particular, in order to pay off fans’ love, I think I should produce good music and I will do my best.”(laugh)
Photo credit: Olleh Official Site
Translated by: CebuNuna @cnbluestorm
repost from CNBLUESTORM

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