Tuesday, 11 December 2012

[Scan + Trans] SCANS] CNBLUE - PATi PATi January 2013

[SCANS] CNBLUE - PATi PATi January 2013 
(scanned by: @120HongstaR )
Yonghwa (Photo: 2012 Hey You)
「I want to get on the stage soon!」
In 2012 we had “Hey You” promotion. It’s sad that I got through it in a blink of an eye, but I enjoyed the activities that left deep impressions in my heart. Can’t wait to be on the stage as soon as possible!

Jonghyun (Photo: 2012 Memory Book)
「My Book」
Another book is completed. Soon 2012 book will be finished and I’ll start with a new one in 2013. I’m glad that I can decorate the remaining pages beautifully. Wonder what will the contents be for 2013.

Minhyuk (Photo: 2012 candles)
「Long, together.」
It was a happy year for me. We did lots of concerts, and we could feel a variety of pleasure. We are happy because every BOICE exists! I want to keep happiness, long, together.
「A year with happiness.」
2012 made me happy because we could be together with all BOICE. I wish these days consists ever continuously.

Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
+ BOICE @eternalfor_JH

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