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[Scans|Trans] Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun in Marie Claire January 2013 Issue

How was your Singapore trip? 
Yonghwa: Overall, I liked Singapore’s clean and stylish feeling. So many foreigners seem to come to visit.
Jonghyun: (Singapore) has a fine view and plenty of trees so the whole city feels like a park. The colour of sea is really unique and pretty which is impressive. It is such a trip of resting well and of enjoying enough.
How long has it been since you travelled last time?
Yonghwa: It seems like it is the first time after debut. When we visit for an official schedule, somewhat our destinations are exposed a lot so it’s difficult to get around. Not long ago, when we went to London to shoot our album jacket and music video, we had a busy schedule ahead.
Jonghyun: We were abroad at all times due to concerts so there was no that much of time to spare. Since it is the time just before the activity begins, I think I have some spare time.
Do you feel a sense of freedom when you’re abroad? 
Yonghwa: First of all, I feel a sense of freedom since not many people recognise me compared to Korea. In fact, even in Korea, if I walk around naturally, there are not many people to recognise me. It seems like I feel uncomfortable because I keep myself conscious.
Jonghyun: There are differences individually though, I don’t mind it. Both in Korea and abroad, in fact, not many people recognise me so I feel comfortable. (Laugh) If four of us go around, it would be 100 % sure for us to be recognised.
How did you spend time on the plane? 
Yonghwa: I try not to sleep on the plane. These days, since in-flight entertainment system is equipped very well, I don’t know how time passes. On the way here, I watched two Korean movies.
Jonghyun: I don’t like to arrive after being asleep as much as I want and awake. Upon arrival, I should sleep in any case. If I sleep only, I feel backache and waste precious time anyhow. So I do this and that such as writing lyric.
Do you want to try something when you go to new place? 
Yonghwa: This is a little different story though, but it was my dream to have a studio in Jeju Island or in the mountains. I still imagine it. In rainy day or heavy snowy day, I imagine myself that I compose songs in a remote place, which make me feel happy.
Jonghyun: I don’t like to be bored. I don’t feel uncomfortable of living and being jam packed together. I don’t want to go where nobody exists.
What do you think of each other as a travel partner?
Yonghwa: We seldom travel together but we usually stay together because we live together. So we rather spend our time separately during trip abroad. When broadcast, I should talk and laugh a lot. So I spend time quietly and calmly in this kind of time.
Jonghyun: I don’t mind whatsoever that much. But gradually, since we have been spending time separately, I think it is comfortable as it is.
It is said that most idol group members are obsessed with idea that they have to do something during free time. Are CNBLUE members like that?
Yonghwa: I was like that way right after debut, but these days, I try to rest and sleep well whenever I have time. Since I’m not the type of person to dose off or sleep during work, I focus on my work and then rest at once when it finishes. I think it is important to sleep and recharge myself.
Jonghyun: Mostly I can’t sleep well. I could just fall to sleep after overwork. So constantly I tend to do something.
When you’re abroad, what kind of food do you enjoy?
Yonghwa: I really love eating and eat well anything that others recommend. In resorts or hotels, I make sure to eat breakfast for my life. Didn’t you see me to run down to eat a piece of bread 5 minutes before it ended yesterday? (Laugh) I don’t eat Korean food. Korean food is the most delicious in Korea.
Jonghyun: I’m kind of sensitive in eating. When I was young, both parents went out to work so I bought food to eat whatever I wanted to eat as much as I like. So I’m very picky about food. I like strong-tasting food so I pick my favourite food which is palatable. In fact, it is not too much to say that I work in order to eat tasty food.
What was the most memorable thing during this trip?
Yonghwa: The chili crabs we ate at Clarke Quay after the photo shoot. I ate so much that it still seems to smell like chilli crabs. For the time being, I don’t want to think about chilli crabs!
Jonghyun: I remember it while riding in a car, I enjoyed the sea view scenery. Especially sky view in city was impressive. Now that I approached Marina Bay, I really feel refreshed.

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Scanned by: Parishin
Translated by: CebuNuna @cnbluestorm

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