Friday, 14 December 2012

[Trans] 121214 CNBLUE at Go Show

Jung Yonghwa, he was a god of variety show! His uncontrollable show talent!
Jung Yonghwa appeared in variety show after long time!
He imitated various persons’ voice, Park Young Gyu, Park Myung soo, Samin D, even Kim Sang Joong.
And he is the best even at dating!?
Jung Yonghwa reveals his 100% successful proposal know-how
His variety show talent exploded, you will see his uncontrollable show talent!


Lee Jonghyun-Lee Jungshin! Their relationship is Tom and Jerry!?
Genuine man Lee Jonghyun, fist first than words??
Lee Jungshin’s counterattack, can’t stand it???
‘What happened in Nagoya toilet’ which was happened 5 minutes before Japan concert.


After this incident, the relationship of two became close(?)…
Next episode! ‘What happened in Youngdungpo practice room’
After this incident, Jungshin became to treat Jonghyun as eternal big brother!
Reversal feature of pretty looking Lee Jonghyun, and Lee Jungshin who experienced his charisma,
their heartwarming brotherhood story is open!

Kang Minhyuk who is cold city guy in drama! But in real life, he is boring in dating!?
He loved his girlfriend so much but he didn’t take care her enough. He revealed his date episode!
And his school days nickname was Macau Kang!?
His ‘Panchigi’(coin flipping gambling) skill is good enough to appear in Star King show.
His unexpected charm hidden in his cute look explodes!

Translated by @saturnkr

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