Wednesday, 21 March 2012

[Twitter|Photo|Trans] MinHyuk tweets about his Ear Fun teaser

Two teasers left, and sweet MinHyuk tweeted to spur us on!
We filmed today – spring is really coming..! But still, please beware of catching a cold~ As we are just left with YongHwa hyung’s and my teaser, please look forward to it more. CNBLUE Hey You daebak
오늘 촬영하는데 정말 봄이왔어요..! 그래도 감기 조심하세요~ 이제 저랑 용화형 티저남았으니까 더더기대많이해주세요 CNBLUE Hey you 대박
Translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm
Source: @CNBLUE_4

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