Wednesday, 21 March 2012

[Video|Trans] Yonghwa chosen as “The Best Voice” by kids in Mnet Show Champion

[Trans] 120320 Mnet Show Champion-The Best Voice Chosen by Kids!
-Now, who’s the best voice that appealed to kids, beating the other 4 nominees?
Q. Do you have a boyfriend?
Girl: (points at her bf)
Q. Do you like your BF’s voice, or #?’s voice from before?
Girl: I think both have nice voices.
Bubble: A hyung that has voice as nice as mine?
-Did you all notice? No.1 is Yong Hwa, who seems to resemble this little girl’s BF. Yong Hwa won the absolute support of the children.
Kids: #2! #2!! #2!!!
-Perhaps it’s because of his looks, which are as fine as his voice.
Boy1: I liked the feeling (of his voice).
Girl1: A cool vibe?
Girl2: I liked the voice.
Boy2: Because (he sounds) cool.
-Yong Hwa’s voice moved the children’s hearts! We are highly anticipating how he his voice will captivate not only the children but many people in the upcming album!
Credit | Source: BOICE @akanzh
Translated by: BOICE @heich_

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